Dr. Luis Alejandro Fernández Goico, was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Being the son and grandson of doctors, he was in contact with the medical profession from a very young age, and found in this career his life vocation. 
He graduated from UNIBE (Universidad Iberoamericana) Medical School in 2006.

Due to his passion for art, he always had a clear perspective on what his specialty would be: Plastic Surgery.

With the name of Ivo Pitanguy in his head, who is considered the father of modern Plastic Surgery, he initiates his quest to join his internationally renowned plastic surgery program (considered the biggest in the world) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After his dream, he travels there in 2008. Already settled in Rio, he starts his General Surgery training in Santa Casa de Misericordia General Hospital. After 2 years, his life dream finally comes true and he’s accepted into Pitanguy Institute’s Plastic Surgery Program. This amazing opportunity opened the doors to learning the most efficient and modern techniques in this specialty, guided by world class plastic surgeons.

Besides his experience in Brazil, Dr. Fernández Goico has done clinical rotations in several parts of the world, including Harvard Medical School and the University of Miami Miller Medical School.

Today, Dr. Fernández Goico has his private practice at Plastimedic Medical Center, where he can treat his patients with the most modern technology so they can enjoy a safe and pleasing beautifying experience.

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